CYN Token

Build your savings fund with faith and confidence

CYN Token Pre-Sale has ended. Stayed tuned for CYN Token listing.
CYN tokens distribution has ended
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Faith-Driven Utility

A tool for empowerment, enabling access to Cast Your Nets' courses and educational content.

Turbocharge Your Savings

Join Our Retirement Revolution And Earn 15% Annually!

Community Benefits

Join us to access support and participate in collective decisions towards our shared goals.


Pre-Sale Ended

Coming Soon
Stay tuned for CYN token listing in October, 2024.

How To Participate

Simple steps to convert your USD and EUR into CYN tokens

Sign up (E-mail and Phone number)
Verify Identity and Country
Deposit funds
Get CYN Tokens
Withdraw anytime

Invest in Values, Earn with Virtue

With CYN Token, every transaction is a step towards spiritual and financial growth.


Interest paid every quarter.

Principal paid in final lump sum.

Fair interest rate every year for 5 years.

Payment directly to your retirement custodian is also an option.

Tax-deferred gains with no tax event triggered.

CYN Token Roadmap

Join us on our exciting journey of growth and development. Become a valued member of our thriving community and grow with us as we shape the future together.

Q2 2024: Launch
  • CYN token launch
  • Allowing to purchase ETH and ARB via
  • Adding Spanish language
  • Referral program implementation
Q3 2024
  • Listing on exchanges
  • Harvest membership
  • Governance
  • CYN staking
Q4 2024
  • CYN Marketplace
  • Bible app
  • Token integration on partner sites and programs
Q1 2025
  • CYN Visa debit Card
  • Bridge loans
  • Integration with Mental Health Services
  • Integration with medical insurance providers
  • Integration with fitness centers

Directly support Cast Your Nets' mission to educate, uplift, and unite through the power of faith. Stay Tuned for CYN Token Listing.


CYN Token Staking

Dive deeper into the world of CYN Token and discover how staking your tokens rewards you with additional income.

Coming soon
01 December, 2024

Our staking options are designed with our community's financial growth and spiritual values in mind.

Earn While You Empower

By staking your CYN Tokens, you'll receive competitive annual percentage yields (APY), turning your holdings into a source of passive income.

Flexible Staking Terms

Choose from a variety of staking periods to match your financial goals and comfort level. Whether it's short-term gains or long-term growth you're after, we have an option for you.

Extend Your Influence

The rewards you receive can be used to acquire more CYN tokens, enhancing your potential gains and extending our community mission and Influence.

Ready to Cast Your Net?

Stay tuned for CYN Token listing in October, 2024. Together, let's create waves of positive change for our community and the world.

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